14 March, 2013

Trellis Bay Full Moon Party - British Virgin Islands

Malua is at 18:26.94N 64:31.86W at Trellis Bay BVI
Virgin Gorda is a very secure and pleasant harbour but it is surrounded by high hill, bars and boats. It was time to move on and a recommendation was to attend the full moon party on Trellis Bay. I left in the late morning and sailed down wind along with Jack Tar however he chose the course close to the land and soon dropped back through lack of wind. I came round the north of Beef Island and dropped the main and motored into the entrance of Trellis Bay. The bay is at the end of the airport runway. It has an island in the middle of the bay surrounded by mooring buoys. The local retail community has got together to promote their community, the central theme is the full moon party held once a months. It draws many charter vessels and a good compliment of cruisers who try to find anchoring space between the moored boats: yachts, catamarans and cruisers. I was fortunate to find an opening and dropped the anchor, pulled back and I was set just ahead of a very large charter catamaran.
Along the shore are a number of shops and guest houses, The Loose Mongoose bar, the art centre and the main attraction the Hiho. They put on the show and party centred around a few large steel sculptures created by artist Aragorn. On Liams recommendation the Aussies would form a party, have the dinner and enjoy the evenings entertainment. As the sun set we had a brief chance to catch up on Gone with the Winds news and what they had been doing before YouNevaKnow,Jack Tar and Malua took up a postion at the end of a long table with the other group at their end. After a very ordinary dinner - we were served first so got hot bland food. I would not have liked to wait in line to be served at the end. Well the festivities begins. What we were all waiting for. A fellow wades out into the water and lit the wood in the three sculptures of tall people. It took about half an hour for it to flame up and burn sending embers high into the night sky. Then a drum roll and we turned our attention to a back lit screen where two women turned and tumbled from a trapeze to the sound of the thumping beat of loud music. This was followed by a number of dancers on stilts. A good time was had by all. A great marketing success and I am sure lots of rum was consumed.
I woke early to be intimidated by the boats swinging around me. I was abused by some woman on a cruiser insisting to have a large swing room as I pulled up my anchor and tried to find my way out of the mooring field.
Across the bay is Marina Cay a good anchorage but full after the party. I headed to the west of Great Camaroe to Lee bay hoping to find a quiet spot but only found strong swell and breaking waves. It was time to head out to sea and the calm of the open ocean.
I found myself on course to the Anegada Island which was only 20 miles away. My stay there is a story in itself
A magical moment on Malua

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