20 March, 2013

Culebra Puerto Rico

Malua is at 18:18.46N 65:17.83W at Dewey Puerto Rico on 16/03/2013
I left US Virgin Island after checking out and filling with water and diesel,stopping for the night at Lindberg Bay close to the airport. I was pleased to leave the cruise ship culture and the wild west of the Caribbean.
The sail of only 20 miles was with little wind from being because I let early in the morning. Had I waited I would have had a good round down wind right into the protected bay of Ensenada Honda and the clearing in town of Dewey.
I arrived before noon and waited till after lunch to walk to the airport to clear in with Customs and Boarder Protection. The fellow there was super efficient and very helpful. I told him my plans and he suggested that I only take a 20 day cruising permit because 15 days after it expired I could again ask for another one for a full year assuming I had been out of the USA during those 15 days. This suited me well because I would not use up the time while I was south of the USA. He showed me the regulations and before I knew it was was in PR and had a cruising permit.
On my return to Malua the radio blasted out I should join Ian and Wendy on their big cat for a drink. They are larger than life Australian with big hearts, generous and fuel of advice. After a long discussion they loaded me with cruising guides, charts and advice and which route to take along the south coast of the island to the west. They had spent a great time in those waters and wanted every cruiser to have as good a time as they did. It confirmed my initial thoughts but I will have to get a move on if I want to be in NY by mid June.
The next day I set off for Veiques. A good beat into the easterly wind then a wild run down the southern shore. I could only find one bay of the six or more that was sheltered from the wind and swell. As the sun set I was at anchor in Sun Bay and took a long walk on the white sandy shore of this typical tropical beach.
The next day was a 50 nm down wind wild ride along the southern reef strewn shore of the main island of Puerto Rico to the bay of Salinas.
A magical moment on Malua.

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