25 February, 2011

Blogging from my htc smart phone

Cruising on a yacht you are never long in one place and therefore writing a blog is always a challenge. Being further on the go without your computer, even my eepc netbook raises further complications... not any more. From today I can use my HTC Desire HD to write my blog using the Blogger app. Just great. Now to include a photo.
New EPERB 206
Switch to camera press shutter.... it is included in the blog. The picture is of my new 406 eperb. The last one's battery is out of date and the official replacement cost is more than a new one. All I now have to do is source a 9 volt battery.

03 February, 2011

How strong were the winds in Cyclone Yasi?

How strong were the winds during the cyclone Yasi?  Yasi is a category 5 – the highest.  Well it is difficult to tell because most of the official recording equipment has been blow away and the web sites indicate “No Data Available”.  Luckily one site is still recording and that is at the town of Lucinda.  This mall town is south of where the eye crossed but some distance from the centre as one can see below.  The wind started from the south at 20 Knots increased to 60 knots then changed direction to NW at 70 knots with gust as high as 100 knots.  The wind then went back to the south with wind currently at 50 knots.
Look at the drop in pressure.  It dropped from 1010 to as low as 988 hPa.  With a drop of 10 hPa in about 10 hours.  What a change.
Just imagine 50 knots.  I have experienced a single gust of about 50 knots and Malua was blow right over on to its side but what would have happened with a gust of 100 knots.
I hope all vessels are secure and not damaged.  Our management of Marine Rescue in NSW have as usual kept us in the dark about offering assistance to the Queensland VMR.