21 April, 2010

Packed and ready to fly

Are the birds flying north for the summer or have they put their flight on hold because of the ash spread all over Europe?  I am sure they are flying north but the big birds are not flying.  Qantas is still grounded and will not take off for a few days but Emirates has been flying right through the crisis.  Luckely this year for the first time we have not flown through London but chose to fly direct to Athens.  This airport has been open.  If everything goes according to plan Iain and I take off from Sydney this evening at 1845 for Dubai and then on to Athens.
Everything is packed.  My hold luggage is 25kg while Iain who has my survival suit in his bag is just less.  As usual my cabin bag is well over weight but I will transfer that weight to my pockets and the bag will come in under the 7kg.
My eighth summer in a row is about to begin and for once it is not raining in Canberra on departure day.

13 April, 2010

Preparing for the next summer

Today I spent preparing to leave the southern summer to fly north for their summer.

I have collected most of the parts for Malua and have confirmed the flight details, booked the bus to Sydney Airport and confirmed the booking at the hotel in Athens. Lets hope this time the hotel has the correct room. Last time we stayed there was a mixup and Denny and I had to share a single bet for the first night. Not something we have done for a long time.

I then attempted to phone the bus service to book a seat on the bus from Athens to Preveza or in fact Aktio which is where Malua has wintered. A detail search of the web turned up a few phone numbers but all turned out incorrect. Then a search of the blogs and news groups and a gem was uncovered. The correct number. A very polite greek lady answered the phone and took my booking for Sunday at noon. We will arrive in the dark but that is the least of our concerns.