11 July, 2007

Sailing in the Med

The internet access has not been good in Italy and Sicily but we are now in Greece and I have found an internet cafe so here goes.
We spent 14 days in Rome then sailed south down the coast. Amalfi was out of this world. We moored next to the super yachts and spend the days climbing the mountain. We then sailed south but the coast is not yacht friendy so after a week or so we sailed to Volcano north of Sicily. This is a huge volcano and a string of islands. We had some lovely sailing and days at anchor then sailed to the sicily mainland which turned out to be fascinating. Palermo and Montrial could blow the mind. After sailing anti clockwise round Sicily we did a three day passage to Greece. The sail was great with the reacher up to the whole day. At night the full moon was up so we could see the shipping as it passed.
We checked in at Pilos in Greece then sailed north to Olympia where Denny and I ran on the Olympic track. The site and museum is fascinating. we are now sailing east towards Athens then towards Turkey.
I will update when I get access and the time.
The boat is going well but there is very little wind so we spend quite some time with the motor.