24 July, 2006

Spent the weekend on Malua getting the computer setup ready. I have now connected the laptop back into the Simrad chartplotter and Apelco GPS. They both send NMEA data to the Computer where I use the data in Oziexplorer and other charting systems. I have also connected the Icom HF radio to the computer to get emails and weather faxes. I use to do that in the Pacific so I know it works. I will have to register wit sail mail again or go over to the ham setup. The next step will be the new battery system and the separation of the usage into electronics and motors. That will give me more flexability and redundancy plus much greater power resources 1000ah. More than enough.

13 July, 2006

The Batemans Bay Marina Cooperative is up to its tricks again. They have for the second time refused to take my vessel onto the slip. This time I do not think they have any cause to deny me entry onto the slip. I will take this to the Department of Lands to say they are in breach of their license agreement. If necessary I will take it to the courts but their approach just can not continue to support their "friends" and target those that go against their method of running a marina. (I'm not allowed to say it is cu**upt) No rules and charges for "friends" while the others have to suffer. Lets see what the next step will be.

12 July, 2006

This is the card Nicola sent me for my birthday. It is great. Posted by Picasa

11 July, 2006

Got Waterways (maritime) notice to undergo annual survey. I've scheduled this for Tuesday 21 August as the only time they will be in the district. I will have to update some of my flares and have the liferaft serviced. After it is completed I will do the electrical work and also the shaft. Something to work towards.

09 July, 2006

Here is Malua in Batemans Bay Marina at the start of 2006. It is high tide. I have the tender on the foredeck. Posted by Picasa
Got the paperwork for the boat survey yesterday. I have to undertake an annual survey to keep Malua up to a standard and to be able to charter it. My next challenge will be to get onto the local Batemans Bay slip and to do the work to get it through the survey. This will mean updating the flares and some of the other time based systems.
I have completely redesigned the electrical system to add four new batteries and to route the power into two types - motors and electronics. This will save the loss of power when a motor starts up. It will also add some extra amp hours to use in an achorage. I will have to delay the implementation until after the survey inspection.

04 July, 2006

Started to plan the route from Batemans Bay here in Australia via Darwin then through the Red Sea to the Med. The seasons are not in my favour so I will have to either wait or go early. On balance I will wait and leave Darwin in July next year. By then I will have got the boat ready to a standard I will be pleased with. I have a lot to do and also to try and get a good crew. Well I will take one step at a time.