20 March, 2013

Charlotte Amalie US Virgin Islands

Malua is at 18:20.38N 64:55.76W at Charlotte Amalie on 9/02/2013
The only thing one can say about this town is that it has evolved from a pirate den to a den of pirate retailers catering for the patrons from the cruise ships that dock here each morning. Yesterday there where four large cruise ships in the dock with one just out side. Each must have at least 8,000 people on board who stream off as soon as it is along side. Half get into the local truck buses for a tour of the island while the rest move from shop to shop looking at what is on offer. It has no attraction to me although I did purchase a watch to replace my Longines not one the same for that would have cost me almost 1,500 us dollars but with a Citizen analog. It works and I now know the time!
The other thing that is good is that one can repro vision with all American food and things. Malua is not back up to cruising readiness and I am about to move west.
The real reason I spent so long in the harbour was I was waiting for Budget Marine to order in a C-Map chart module from the states. "It will take 3 to 5 days". Little did we know the package was sent of to China then back to the states and finally 10 days letter it arrived. I left the next day.
A magical moment on Malua.

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