14 March, 2013

Rhone Wreck BVI Islands Salt Island

After the previous evening I found a wide open bay and dropped the anchor a long way from the shore and YouNevaKnow. I put the right in the water and motored about a nm round the south east headland to the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer Rhone which went down in October and1867 when a hurricane suddenly blew up from the NW. They weathered the initial onslaught but when bringing up the anchor it got caught and it parted. They steamed off through the islands and the channel almost making it but hit the eastern tip of Salt Island. The vessel broke in two and sank taking most of the crew with her.
The wreck is on a slope so the stern with the large propeller and rudder is easily disable from the surface as is the drive shaft but the bow is in deeper water. I was able to dive down to look close up at the stern but the real scuba dive must be in the bow. 20 years ago it would have been a great dive but now it looks like a fattened hulk. I must saw I have been spoilt diving on the wrecks around the Cape of Storms so I was pleased I saved my money.
Salt Island it self is very interesting having two large salt lake in the centre from which in the past salt was collected. The hill overlooking the wreck and bay is an easy climb so I was up and down before the sun set.
Tomorrow I am off to seek pirate treasures.
A magical moment on Malua

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