26 March, 2013

Playa Santa and Boqueron in Puerto Rico

Malua is at. 17:56.36N 66:57.46W at Playa Santa on 21/03/2013
I left the anchorage of Salinas Bay in the early morning at the top of the tide. I followed my in path out on the chart plotter knowing I would easily make it out. Once outside I negotiated the reef out into the relatively deep water and we sails went up and I was on a down wind run to cover as many miles as I could before dark.
The bottom of Malua is quite dirty with all the warm water growth plus the fact I don't think that the EU anti fouling paint has much effect here in the Caribbean.
I made it behind the cape into Playa Santa which is west of the city of Esenda. It is a shallow bay with one dive boat moored in the bay. There are two large tower blocks of apartments right on the shore and what looks like a bar. I did not take my evening walk but retired to bed early hoping that the swell would drop off during the night which it did.
The next day I sent off a few emails and pulled up the anchor to sail round the south eastern cape of Cabo Dojo.
The wind was not strong so I had to motor most of the way and reached Boqueron about noon. Dropped the anchor and went ashore.
This is a holiday town set along a wide sandy bay. Even at mid day the music was thumping. The dinghy dock was run down and the phone at the town square had not worked for three years so I had to ask a shop keeper if I could use his phone to contact Customs to tell them of my arrival and departure. they took the info but were not interested. In the DR I used my entry form as my departure. They never look at which box is ticked.
I then set about drawing money out of the two ATMs in town for use on the island west of here. I soon exceeded my withdrawal limit so I will have to be carefully as I go west.
That evening a Canadian yacht arrived having crossed the Mona passage from the north of the Dominican Republic. They had a great time. I gave them all my charts of PR plus the maps and tour literature I had collected. I hope they have a good time.
I set off to cross the infamous Mona Passage tomorrow starting at midnight. The planned anchorage is 100 nm away which I hope to make before the sun sets.
A magical moment on Malua.

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