13 July, 2013

New York Week 4

Monday 1 July 2013
The weather had been very unsettled while we have been in New York. It has something to do with a high over Bermuda but being attached to a mooring ball in the Hudson River I have not taken much notice of the effects. Some evenings the storm clouds roll in and there is a rain down pore but you tend to walk the streets of NYC without much notice, however today we woke to the rain not just droplets on the hatch but good heavy rain, in fact so heavy we could not see the Washington bridge from the mooring. I opened the water catchment inlets and before we knew it the tanks were full. That is the upside but the downside it was too wet to leave the boat. At noon the rain let up so I put all the dirty washing in the big bag and headed off to the Laundromat. The USA has the best and cheapest washing facilities in the world. In just over an hour I had washed all my shirts, shorts and towels and had them dried and folded ready for the next stage of the journey. During the wash time Denny was enjoying Knitty City a wool shop and I was in the public library updating my system and photos on their fast Internet connection.
The day ended with the usual visit to the fantastic Deli to find some food for dinner. A great experience.

Tuesday 2 July 2013
We started a bit late today getting over the rain but this time we took the no 5 bus downtown to the Flatiron building at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue at 23rd street. It is a narrow cheese slice building at the intersection of the roads. When built the people thought it would be blown over in the wind. I must say the end apartments must have a difficulty fitting conventional furniture into the rooms.
From there we walked down Broadway past the ladies shops and the famous Beechers Handmade Cheese factory where we sampled some of the cheese and saw them making a soft cheese behind the glass partition. We passed Pres. Theodore Roosevelt's home which was open but not interesting. Then on to Gramercy Park the only private park in NYC. Only key-holders may enter this charming tree lined park it is surrounded by interesting townhouses. The National Arts Club, Players Club – Members were Mark Twain, Al Pacino and Mary Tyler Moore. Past the first cooperative apartment building and housed owned by John Steinbeck, Thomas Edison, Victor Herbert and Julia Roberts. I am sorry to say non invited us in for tea.
We then walked south to Union Square past Irving Place. And on to Washington Square Park and the streets south. Christopher Street – the famous Civil Rights protest y the gays known as the Stonewall Rebellion. Greenwich surrounds this area with its large and small townhouses and apartments of all shapes and sizes. The smallest being75 ½ Bedford Street being just 10 ft wide – now up for sale.
We then moved into the Meatpacking District and onto the Henry Hudson Park along the Hudson River. We walked north past the old Piers which have been converted into high priced marinas, skate park or indoor sport complex. On the bus to West Marine in the city and then back up the island to 79 st and the deli for the evenings meal. A long day.

Wednesday 3 July 2013
A lay day. We did not do much but get Malua shipshape and ready to sail. Went ashore to get food and use the free wifi in the library.

Thursday 4 July 2013
Independence Day – well not really. The declaration of independence was signed on the second of July but it's signing was only made official on the 4 July and the official printed version had the 4 July at the bottom so that has become the date the USA officially recognises their freedom from Briton.
We went ashore and walked south along Riverside Park which had overnight been transformed into a security zone waiting for the fireworks to take place in the Hudson River. Every movable rubbish bin had been removed. Those remaining where covered with see through plastic. There were plastic bags for trash everywhere. As we walked south the frequency of the police increased to such an extent you could almost only see blue uniforms preparing for the crowds. No backpacks or eskies allowed. Only see through bags. A complete nightmare but very well handled by the crowed control officers. We cut east into the city which was deserted for the long weekend except the tourist areas like Central Park and Columbus Circle. At 79 street the whole road was blocked off with police and their hiteck vehicles and observation posts.
We returned to Malua to wait for the fireworks but had to sit through the many many police sirens on the adjacent road moving cars on when they tried to stop to get a view of the fireworks. Not a good show or organisation or forward planning.
The show was good from our riverside vantage but some way off and not quite up to the Sydney harbour bridge display but well worth the effort of going onto the foredeck with a drink in hand.

Friday 5 July 2013
Down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty, under the Brooklyn Bridge, through Hells Gate and into Long Island Sound.

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