04 July, 2013

New York Week 3

Monday 24 June 2013
Jack Tar came up to 79 Street to anchor but the strong wind and contra tide made it impossible for them to stay so they left. We on the other hand went off to the Guggenheim to see the things we missed the first time. Unfortunately they had not finished setting up so we saved our money.
Being on Madison Avenue we visited Dean & Deluca Deli to pick up some vinegar and spices. What a great experience. We stopped to have some lunch from their selection..... what did we have? Cant remember.
Off to the Corner Book-store. I purchased the complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway while Denny purchased Granta -Best of British Novelists. Down the road to Bloomingdales – a New York Shopping experience – not our type of shop but great to watch the locals and foreigners hand out wds od cash for high quality garments and high prices.
On the bus down to Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village – more like our type of shop but saw nothing to buy except a new Swatch watch for Iain.

Tuesday 25 June 2013
Today we revisited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pay as you wish so they got half the suggested donation. This time we walked the Greek, Roman and African galleries plus a quick tour of 19/20 C art but completely missed the Picasso etc we saw the first time. I cant leave town because I dont know my way around this museum. (I always leave a new city when I know my way around and recognise the streets!)
Back yo Bleeker street and Greenwich for a further walk around plus the Garment District. Denny found M J Trimmings so we spent some time there. Their web site only reflects half of what they have but the people are very helpful and will send small samples to you to check.

Wednesday 26 June 2013
A bit of burn out so we left the boat at 11:00 and took the bus to Times Square to purchase tickets for Motown but unfortunately they are not sold and HalfPrice Tickets so have to purchase full price. Upper mezzanine almost $200 for two all up. Great show but not as slick as Jersey Boys.
Took bus to Chinatown and found a local restaurant patronised by Chinese but they did have an English menu. We were the only round eyes in the place. The dumplings where out of this world as was the roast duck. Great experience. We then walked through Little Italy and along Canal Street but the shops were shutting up so I was not offered a fake Rolex watch.

Thursday 27 June 2013
Back on the 79 bus cross town to the Whitney Gallery which is the custodian of Hopper Collection. We joined a tour explaining his painting and how he used his sketch book to capture elements included in the final painting. The guide was very well informed and knowledgeable. It was well worth the hour after which we had to go back and see the additional paintings not discussed. The gallery had a lege selection of Calders mobiles which we have both grown to love. They had a video of some of his lesser known works. I think Nicola can still make a mobile to rank Calders.
Bus down town to the International Centre of Photography. Not the greatest but some interesting shots. One set taken from an large apartment block in Johannesburg from inside out, then from the outside in and finally of the television screens in the apartments. We recognised many elements in the shots. I must re-erect my photos especially after so many have been used to celebrate the 40 years of the Aquarius Festival and Architecture.

Friday 28 June 2013
On the subway to the north of Central Park to the English and Italian Gardens in the Conservatory. What a lovely place right in the heart of Harlem and NYC.
On the bus downtown to the J P Morgan Library. Now this is an experience not only the library but for the way the three buildings have been connected. The content of the three story – open space library with it Gutenberg and Caxton bibles is great but they have a modern illuminated bible with modern paintings and script. Who would spend such time doing that when we can print it in a flash of a laser printer?
Back to the Garment District to walk around then to the Deli for the evenings meal.
Saturday 29 June 2013
They say you can get anything in New York. Well you are not wrong. We went to the African Market on the north side of Central Park near Harlem. We were back in down town west Africa. Denny purchased a great piece of cloth from west Africa while I negotiated a good price on a cotton hand printed woven bed spread. It did smell but will mature and find a place along with our other African items.
Now for some real shopping. Off to Macy's semi annual sale. $79 shirts for $17.50 including al discounts and the 10% foreigners discount (you must apply and ask). I could not help myself so I walked away with five shirts some a bit more than the specials but great value (Note to Carol on JT I now have a wider selection than just two colours)
Sunday 30 June 2013
What would NYC be without Sunday in Central Park? We took the 79 then walked almost the full length to the top of the park to the lake to find a seat for the outdoor jazz concert featuring Howard Johnson. A great event but cut short by the rain – we did not get wet finding a seat under a tent!

Well was that a magical moment on Malua in NYC

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