02 July, 2013

New York Week 1

Malua is at 40:41.810N 74:03.710W at west 79 St Boat Basin $180 a week for boats under 40ft
I have not updated the blog since I arrived in America but I feel that it is now time to update the things we have done while in New York, so here I go:

Sunday 9/10 June 2013
Statue of Liberty
I left Cape May at 3:30 am in the morning to sail up the coast to New York. There was no wind so I motored all the way. I chose the smaller channel to enter the port of New York thinking that smaller boats would use it. I was half way up the channel with no moon and a dark night with all the surrounding lights making it very confusing. I saw way behind me an array of lights but no port or starboard lights. I continued up the channel and heard five blasts on a horn, I looked behind to see a LARGE tanker not nore than 300 meters behind me. I turned to starboard and out of the channel as this big ship steamed passed. No danger but one must realise that even at midnight this port is busy with every form of shipping including Malua trying to find my way through the maze of navigation lights. Having two sources of charts does help. I soon rounded the corner of Cape Hook and chose a spot far enough from the beach to be able to swing to the tide and wind. Dropped the anchor, made the boat ship shape and went to sleep. Stayed here the next day because of the rain.
Tuesday 12 June 2013
There was fog on the water when I woke to motor up the roadway to the Statue of Liberty anchorage. The fog cleared and I was again in the middle of every type of shipping moving up and down the huge waterway which is New York and the Hudson River.
From Malua Upper West Side
Going to the Liberty Landing anchorage is not difficult if you follow the navigation buoys but you come very close to the rocks on the starboard side of the channel. I dropped the anchor with enough swing room between a small sailing yacht and some floating rafts with dinghy on them. I had settled down to prepare to go into NYC by ferry when it dawned on me that I was in an anchorage that could be anywhere and this was not why I had come to NYC so up anchor and I motored towards 79 st boat basin to see if a yellow buoy was free for transients.
West 79 boat basin
I motored against the current and arrived at the top of the tide to find a single buoy free. Without asking anyone I came alongside the buoy and picked up the leads and was secure in a blink of an eye. I had arrived in NYC 79 West Boat Basin on the Upper West side a few blocks from Broadway and Central Park. Walked around Lincoln Centre, Time Square to find my way and stock up on food.
Wednesday 13 June 2013 Tuesday
Took the subway downtown to walk the Financial district and to see the new World Trade Centre and the 9/11 site.
New Trade Centre
Thursday 14 June 2013
More riding the bus, subway and walking to get to know the city again. Not much has changed in the 15 years since Denny and I spent some time here except it now feels much safer to walk to all parts of the city.
Friday 15 June 2013
Again walk around but end up down south at Seaport and it starts to rain and rain. Take the bus back to 79 but get drenched in the down pour.
Saturday 16 June 2013
From Malua New jersey side
Purchased food and other supplies for the boat and finished the major clean up for Denny's arrival late tonight. Take subway 1 to To of Central Park then bus to la Guadia well in time for her arrival at 11:30pm

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