02 July, 2013

New York Week 2

Denny arrived at La Guadia on an American Airliner which is a co-partner for Qantas. It is not easy to find which airline the flight arrived at but after some questioning I found the flight which was late. We returned to the bus I had arrived on back to Harlem and then on the subway on 1 or 2 to 79th Street. A short walk to the Boat Basin Marina and we where on the boat. We talked till 4:00 before we were both tiered enough to sleep. Very exciting to have Denny back on the boat.
Sunday 16 June 2013
We purchased two additional Metrocards based on time – unlimited rides per day not the pay per ride used before. Set off across the Park and onto the East side and down towards lower Manhattan and the garment district. Then up Broadway to the Lincoln Centre to see an art exhibition in the grounds and the pianos for everyone to play. Not a great response because too many people were watching. Enjoyed the upmarket art and crafts but not our price range or style.
Stopped in for a drink at Ales on Amsterdam and the meat and fish shop Citeralla to get some dinner. Plenty of French wine on board.
Monday 17 June 2013
Took the cross town bus 79 to the east side of the Park and walked up to the Guggenheim. The third won we have visited. The best was in Venice. It was rather disappointing because the main ramp was closed.
Back on the subway to Penn Central Station to look at the clock but first we stop in at their Deli Market and purchase some Longres Cheese with Champagne last eaten in Longres France when Malua could not get through the canal.
On to the New York Public Library. Our first time visit to this great institution. Denny goes into to their reference section and spends more than an hour in the bibliography section – her passion. She finds book on books that even she had not knowledge of. She is fascinated and thrilled. I stand in awe of this collection which reaches up to the ceiling and of course in the basements.
Just outside there is a park – Bryant Park which was showing a film on a large screen. People could watch from tables around the edge or sit on the lawn. What a great idea. Back to Malua for sundowners, French cheese and wine.
Tuesday 18 June 2013
Off to one of the great Museums of the world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Always ask for a senior ticket but in this Museum you can ask to only pay a particular amount. For two senior it was about $28.00 more without seniors discount. We know our way around this and went straight to the 19 20 century art of Picasso, Mornet, Klee, Mondrian, Miro, Lezanne and many others.
Pollack, Warhol and Hopper also got a look in. After 3 hours and skipping the physical object we vowed to return.
Onto the bus and south to the UN and the lower east side to see all the rather up market town house used by the influential people of the UN. We walked the streets taking pictures but it rained so our trip was cut short. Bus back to the upper west side.
Wednesday 19 June 2013
If you thought that the Met was good then the MoMA Museum of Modern Art is even better. We had not been here before so the whole museum was an experience and what an experience.
The audio guide is an essential part of the visit. Listen to the audio description of the picture, then the background and the associated commentary. It will blow your mind. Floors and floors of recognisable art. With some rooms dedicated to just one artist. The building is in itself a work of art. We enjoyed the courtyard, fountains and art. I have seen Balzak in Paris so recognised his statue.
Walk along the Highline disused railway line in the lower west side. Not as good as Paris but it is still new and the trees need to grow but worth the visit. Stopped locally for a beer.
Thursday 20 June 2013
A quiet day. Train and walk to the Cloisters up on the far west side. Free entry associated with Guggenheim. This is a building built in the 20 c from pieces of cloisters from Europe that some rich bloke purchased after the first and second WW when the church wanted money for restoration. They were shipped to the USA and then very cleverly incorporated into a single building. Only a lot of money can do it so well. It had a exhibition of the Unicorn tapestries and other items. Very interesting. The gardens which have the original monks veg. Flowers and herbs growing in a courtyard and in an outside garden. Very interesting.
Friday 21 June 2013
Back to the Financial district to see Wall Street in action and to Ground Zero and the 11 September memorial. There were long lines to wait in to get a time based entry. Then off to the entry point. More lines to search you bags. No guns, knives and spray cans. I of course had my mariners knife so I put it in my bag alongside my camera and tablet. On to the X-ray belt but the diligent security guard was having a heated discussion with a colleague so he did not even look at the image of my bag. Why put the public through this invasive search if they are not going to do it properly?
The memorial is much larger than I expected. The flowing water gives a great effect especially as it flows into a square hole in the ground. Very good particularly when seen with the new tower rising in the background. We went on to the top of the last trade fair building so I will have to go to the top of this when it opens maybe not carrying my knife.
Took subway under the east river into Brooklyn to walk across the bridge back into NYC. Unfortunately the bridge is being painted to we where not able get a great view of the city but good enough. We stopped and watched some street acrobats in downtown area. They are great artists and wonderful performers. They got my $5.00 with pleasure. On the bus to Malua for a well earned drink.
Saturday 22 June 2013
Finally met up with Jack Tarr who had anchored at Liberty landing but the weather and dinghy dock was not good. They brought their bikes and cycled up the island to meet us at Times Square along with all the other tourist. We had lunch and then we went off to Jersey Boys to see the show. Enjoyed it very much indeed. So slick.
They rode up to 79 street to see if it was suitable for their boat. We met again at Washington Square Park and walked to a Mexican Restaurant to have a drink before they left to catch the last ferry to Jersey.
Sunday 23 June 2013
Back to Financial District to meet Pete and Carol – Jack Tarr. They were going to 9/11 and Empire State. We stopped in at the Seaport Wharf to have a very enjoyable lunch overlooking the east river.
We walked back along the east side vowing to return to Bleaker Street the next day.

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