21 January, 2013

St Vincent Main Island

It is time to move north out of the security of Admiralty Bay Bequia St Vincent and on to the main island of St Vincent. We had been warned of the fierce current and confused seas between Bequia and St Vincent similar to those we encountered when we arrived at night from Barbados. However when we put our nose out from around the point and pulled up the main all we found was 15 to 18 knots of wind and a slight swell. It was ideal sailing weather for the 16 nm to a small bay we had chosen to stay the night. But first we stopped in at Petit Byahaut to see if we could anchor there but it was too small and the swell was rolling in.
We motored in the relative calm north along the coast to Wallilabou. When we were at the entrance to the bay a fellow - Alex approached and offered us advice and a mooring buoy. We declined the mooring and said we would Med moor with a line ashore. We dropped the anchor in about 18 m of water and went astern. The trusty floating polypropylene line came out again and we were soon secure in the anchorage. A few EC to Alex and we were all happy.

Next was to secure a lobster. Soon a boat appeared with a wide selection varying in size from small to huge. I chose one, negotiated a price and took it on board. The fellow did not have change for the note I gave him so we agreed that he would return with my change after making a few sales.
He returned twice to the bay but ignored my calls to give me my change so on the third time I took the RIB over and came alongside asking for my change. He said he did not have any showing me two 100 and a 50. Well after a small but kind encouragement he produced a note for my change but not the right amount. With further inducement he found the exact change and handed it over to me. The other boat boys saw the financial transaction and as I drove away I got cheers of encouragement. That boat was not from this bay's village and they did not like the interlopers.

The next day as I walked on the dock I was greeted with smiles and laughs about the financial transaction. They were pleased someone had at last highlighted the dodge practice which these fellows seem to pull almost every day! It gave the locals a bad name.

The bay is more famous than its lobsters because it was the Caribbean setting of Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp.  There is still some of the original material - scripts, venue sheets and buildings used in the making of the movie which is well worth a visit.
One can clear in and out of St Vincent at a small office on the dock at 4:30 pm.  There is no Immigration but that does not seem to matter.  We walked to the adjoining town to the Police station and they did not have a form nor a stamp for the passport so the net effect is we got nothing other than good exercise walking to the village.

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