07 January, 2013

Bats not Cats in the Cabin

Dedicated readers will remember the two incident where a stray cat has come aboard Malua during the night. The one in Greece the cat was unknowingly shut into the aft cabin for three days and it then escaped when I went shore on a completely different island. The other was in France when I caught the cat in the cabin one night.  http://malua.blogspot.com/2011/10/cats-in-cabin.html
Well last night I woke because something was wrong and moving in the cabin. Being anchored some distance from the shore I was sure it was not a cat. I got up and in the half light of the moon thought I saw something jump off the saloon table and move first towards the window then in a flash out the companionway. I immediately knew we had been invaded by a bat – birds cant see in the night.
While we were having drinks the previous evening I noticed a bat fly out of the trees along the edge of the high cliffs overlooking the anchorage and commented how large that particular one was much like the fruit bats of Australia.
The following morning it was obvious that the bat had come to eat the ripe guavas we had purchased while in St Vincent. It is much easier to wait for a yacht than fly the 28 nm to the next island.
Was it a magical moment on Malua

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