03 May, 2010

Replumb the Fridge water

Having launched Malua in Preveza and sailing north to visit some of the Greek island it is now time to look at the Todo list and cross a few of the tasks off.
All the task to get the boat ready for the water have been completed....antifoul, polish topsides, rerig the lines and halyards, bend on the sails, put the bimini canvas back on.  The fridge was regassed but I need to replace the water pump used to cool the compressor.  I purchased the closest replacement from Defender in America during their presummer sale and had it Fedexed to Greece.  Getting that through customs is another story which will have to wait.  On investigation I found that while it would fit it was not in the optinum position being too far from the sea water inlet.  I had to locate it in the water section of Malua.  That is under the port settee seat along with the other pumps and pipes.  Not a hard job but it ment that I had to disconnect a number of other pipes and place the pump close to the water inlet plus add a valve to shut off the flow if that is required.
Every thing went smoothly.  It always helps to have a store cupboard full of fittings, clamps and short pieces of hose.  Within an hour the new pump was attached to the bulkhead, connected to the seawater inlet filter and the fridge with the outlet passing through an existing above water through hull.  Well all that is required now is to turn on the fridge and wait for it to cool.  Cold beer will soon be in our hands.

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