05 May, 2010

Corfu Castle

Malua is anchored in the shadow of the "New" castle at Corfu.  We sailed north from Preveza, to Paxos stayed a night at Galios and then on to Lakki.  Met two OZ boats of which one was from Croatia.  After a reasonable dinner a shore we left the next day to motor north to Corfu.  Did a trip round the point to look at the Venitian houses in the old part of town then back to the bay south of the castle.
The water is so clear we could see the sand patches so we dropped the anchor in one and went astern letting out 40m of chain.  We were last here in September 2009 when we had to leave early one morning because the wind had come up with the sun and the slop was just so uncomfortable.  At the moment ther is no wind and the sea is as flat as a mirror.
Iain and I visited the market this morning to replenish the stores.  I left him in town to walk around and connect with the internet.  I rewired the refrigerator so both compressors would run then started the generator to put some amps into the tree battery banks.  Looks good.
I have also got my Vodafone 3G USB modem working so connecting to the net will be a breeze if not expensive.

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