16 May, 2010

Changing weather Vathi Ithica

I went for a walk last night up the mountain to the village overlooking the harbour town of Vathi.  It was quite a trek up the valley.  I gave up before I reached the top but I could see far into the distance.  There in the east there where black clouds.  It was overcast at the time as you can see from the photo.  I returned to the village completely tired and decided to have a meal at a restaurant owned by a Greek Australian who had run a fish and chip shop at Manly wharf.  His grilled lamb looked good so a ordered a portion.  It was outstanding.
After the meal the restaurants started to packup their outside tables.  I asked why? Going to rain, yes rain hard.  I finished up and returned to Malua just in time to catch the first drops of a wind and rain storm.  The wind rose and turned the placid bay into a windswept mess.  Luckely there were only a few vessels anchored in the bay so I could sleep with easy.
Today I checked the weather forcast and it showed that the wind would turn from the east to a westerly going as high as 25 knots.  I just had time to way anchor and head north to the seclusion of Vlikho bay.  After washing off the anchor prudence suggested that I just go stern to along the whalf which I did between two British boats.  After lunch the wind rose to well over 25 knots from the beam.  First a charter boat's anchor pulled away and they had to run the motor to stay off the jetty while one of the crew went off to find the skipper.  When he arrived they took off unfortunatly pulling the anchor chain out of the next vessel along.  A large British yacht.  He asked for my help so I jumped on board as we steamed off the jetty pulling up the anchor.  Just made it.  A Kiwi in a RIB came alongside to say the Harbour Police wanted all yachts to move out of the anchor area because the ferry was comming in and they were not confident thay they could hold the vessels course in the high wind.  I returned with him to Malua.
Not wanting to stay beam on to the wind I dropped the lines headed out hauling the anchor from the wheel position.  A less than optimal situation.  I got away without disturbing the boats alongside.  I headed over to the secluded part of the bay and tied up alongside the whalf.  Within an hour all the other boats had moved and sought shelter in this area.
Sleep this evening but the forecast does not look good for tomorrow.

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