29 October, 2014

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Malua's position 26 00.370S 160 41.145E at 06:00 on 30/10/2014 474nm togo

Same old, same old thing. Nothing has changed in the last 24 hours. The wind has still not come up from the north but I expect that tonight but the sea has become less smooth. This is caused by the storm south of Tasmania and currently hitting North Island New Zealand. Gulf Harbour Radio was hit with 40 knots of wind last night after the previous day being inundated with rain, thunder and lightening. Not the place to be in a sailing vessel.

The boats that left Minerva Reef yesterday are all trying to get in before the next weather front hits the Opua area. It looks as if I will encounter a southerly front moving north up the NSW coast on Sunday. I expect to reach Coffs Harbour about that time so I have turned up the revs on the engine and am now doing almost six knots. When the northerly winds arrive I will increase the sail area and see if I can reach the NSW coast by noon Sunday. If however the wind arrives before I make it to the safe harbour I may stay out that night and enter the following day. No point on rushing in just to have to confront the harbour entrance and find a place to dock. The last time I arrived at Coffs Harbour it was the start of a storm and I surfed through the breakwater entrance hoping I would loose the wave before I had to turn to starboard into the real harbour. Fortunately the swell died and I entered with easy. I did have to stay almost a week, along with a number of other boats waiting for the storm to pass and letting us sail south again. I don't want to repeat that.

No fish on the line for the past day so I might change the lure this afternoon to a more red colour. It is unfortunate that my source of material is getting low so the selection is not as wide as I would have hoped. But as my good friend Richard always said.. You only catch a fish if your hook is in the water.

Back to reading these improbable American thriller.

A Magical Moment on Malua.
At 10/28/2014 6:38 PM (utc) our position was 25°58.80'S 160°42.50'E

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