24 May, 2013

Cayo Algodon Grande

Malua is at 20:37.57N 78:14.93W at Cayo Algodon Grande on 11/4/2013
This leg was a long slog through the reefs and cays of the Golgo de Ana Maria and through the Canal del Rancho Veijo and the Canal del Pingue.  The channel marks are good in the form of floating buoys painted either red or green and with a light on the top not that one would take this course at night. It is 12 to 16 m deep and easy to follow.
One comes quite close to the Cuban mainland here and the major fishing port on this side of the coast.  I could see the many large fishing vessels tied up at an outlying cay waiting to put so sea. Along the way I also saw smaller concrete fishing vessels hauling their nets.  These have large mesh nets to catch skates, the size of a dining room table.  There was no trade with these fishermen.
There was no wind and a very hot day 34 C and flat seas so Malua just motored along changing course when required. I dropped anchor at Cayo Alogodon Grande just after 3:00pm and tried for some mare crayfish but they where nowhere to be found.
Tomorrow I am going outside the reef to gain some miles going west.
A magical moment on Malua.

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