24 May, 2013

Cabo Blanco

Malua is at 20:28.54N 77:57.98W at Cabo Blanco on 9/4/2013
The southern coast of Cuba is shallow and dotted with coral and sand cays or islands.  The coral reef runs some miles off the coast in a east west direction.  There are only a few channels through this reef but once inside the bottom is flat but shallow less than 20 meters.  There are shoals and isolated reefs scattered all over this in reef sea area so one has to keep to the designated channel if you don't wish to spend the time on the bow dodging these coral heads and shallow spots which are easy to see in the clear water with a bright sun but difficult if the sun in ahead or behind a cloud.
I chose the outside route then in at the Canel de Cuatro Reales. The journey was easy but became more challenging as I turned north towards the channel between the coral.  The sun had gone behind the clouds and Calders cruising guide was not much help but the Cuban charts where a great help.  I had purchased two before I left Santiago. I found the red starboard stake and turned into the lagoon just south of Cabezo Mosquitero and north of Cayo Blanco.  It is a deep lagoon - 15 m but well protected from the wind waves.  The entrance is well buoyed but stay off the port sand bank. The wind had come up to slightly more than 14 knots as I dropped the anchor and let out almost 60 meters of chain in the deep water.
Into the RIB for a chance to explore the cay and the two wrecks on the coral.  Not very exciting as they were well up on the beach and had been picked over by many a fisherman before I arrived. A quiet night.
A magical moment on Malua.

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