15 August, 2012

Never Disturb a Frenchman on Lunch

Infact never disturb a Frenchman any time to do any work.  My experience in Port St Louis was that they did not wish to work at all.
Now the AIS I posted at $170 is sitting in Marseille Chonopost Customs section for more than a week waiting on some paperwork.  No contact via email just a short terse statement on the tracking system.
An update.  there is no way one can communicate with the French Post except via phone which has as you expect a series of menus.  Press any key and try to speak to someone just get a response of "no English" and switched back to the menu.  Fine what alternative --- None.  Get a fax number and fax a request - on lunch.
Send an email?  to what address - again on lunch
So register as a user.  Send and email to the response - again on lunch.
The tracking system records -- no response within the time limit: return to sender - fine that is Australia.  Next entry insufficient documentation.  Sorry we are on lunch.

The international postal union is the next recipient of my emails, fax and phone calls.

Not a Magic Moment on Malua

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