20 August, 2012


What a great city.  It is made for bicycles and people.  I dont know about cars but one can ride all over the place either in special bike lanes with their own traffic signals or on designated paths or even on the sidewalk which have road crossing up and down ramps.  What a great joy to ride except over the last few days it has been HOT and I mean HOT with not a breath of wind so riding has been confined to early mornings or later in the afternoon.
I visited Antonio Gaudi Sagrada Familia and went inside to look at the columns.  They are just like a forest reaching up into the top of a wonderful canopy.  The most dramatic church I have visited.  The choir stalls will hold 1000 choristers - now that must be a sound.  Only one organ at the moment but planned to have four. The two finished sides of the outside are interesting - the one old world the other new world style sculptures.  The third has not been started and is just concrete and reinforcing rods.
Two more days before i set sail south to ports unknown.

Starting to be a magical moment on Malua

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