06 May, 2008

Back in Marmaris

I arrived back in Marmaris to find Malua under a Gum tree where it had spent the winter. The cockpit cover had kept the leaves out while inside it was fresh with no water ingress or mould. I soon set about washing the dust off the boat and running the halyards and lines which I had removed. The topsides were polished and the damage to the keel sustained in Palma was epoxied. The anti fouling was still in good nick so I only applied some local mixture to the leading edges and rudder.

The day to go back into the water dawned and I was ready for the big lift. At two o clock the travel lift arrived only to find that it could not fit into the space between a huge motor cruiser which was undergoing a refit and the gum trees. After lots of talking and a bit of activity by the carpenters a path was cleared but the travel lift did not return until well after seven as the sun was setting. I was the last boat in the water that day. Fortunately the crew were ready to go home so they secured me in a berth very close to the facilities in a much sort after location.

Well Malua is back in the water, the engine is running and the shaft alignment that I had completed on the hard appears to be a great success. All it now need are some sails and a bit of wind and the expedition can begin.

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