26 May, 2008

Asin Limani

After we left the shelter of the Bodrum Marina we went back to in front of the St John's castle but that night was rock and roll so the following day we sailed round to a quiet bay to the west of the city.  There where other cruisers who we met.  It was a bit of a bus ride to get back into the city but we managed to do the final shop before heading northwards.
We passed bay after bay of huge housing developments, just brick and concrete almost not a single human in sight but it was early in the season so they may come here on holiday.
We followed the deeply indented coast past the town of Gulluk to the northern shore and the bay of Asin Limani.  The bay is protected by a sea wall built by the Greeks or Romans.  We dropped anchor and went ashore to see the best ruins I have ever seen.  We where all alone for two days. Amazing.

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