06 November, 2016

Take the Drama out of the Dream

It has been a long time since I posted because I have been battling the local environment so to speak.  The post was to be called "Who is behind bars now?" but I refrained from writing about my tribulation with the local marina manager. I decided to take a different tack and have been working behind the scenes to achieve a much better outcome that will benefit all boat owners in the area......
Back to the topic  Seamanship for Shorthanded Cruisers.  I was asked to give a talk to the local Batemans Bay Sailing Club and decided to look back on the time spent cruising the 45,000 nm I have covered since I launched Malua in 2003 and see if I could distil a few points to share with potential cruisers.  It was not about sail setting, managing your vessel or even setting it up but more about preparing the yacht and yourself for ocean cruising.
The lessens learn could be applied to coastal cruising but I chose long distance based on the oceans I have crossed alone and how I had prepared and learn many things about how I handle the ocean, the beauty and the danger.  Below are a few slides I used as a backdrop to the talk. I will put a link to more pictures used.

Added a link to more slides https://goo.gl/photos/6BATkko9JXjQqmUT8
and some more photos https://goo.gl/photos/UALRQFwE1dJjyvwJA

Hope you enjoy

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