09 November, 2015

Malua in Marina

Malua has not moved for many months not because I did not want to put to sea in a sailing boat but the propeller was not secure and I cant sail across the Clyde River bar.
Things have been progressing on the upgrade of Malua.  The three sails have been taken to the North Sail loft for routine maintenance.  The Genoa and Staysail received the usual treatment and came out looking good.  The main received a poor report.  The sail cover had not been doing its job properly and the UV had entered through the sail bag and harmed a strip of about half a meter along the luff of the sail.  Not serious but concerning.  The loft also restitched the few hand stitching that needed repair.  Anyway all three sails are now Ok to sail.
The generator which will receive a post for itself is now running beautifully after a major upgrade.  The 150 amp direct connected alternator has been replaced.  The major problem was not mechanical but electrical..... can you believe that on a diesel engine but yes the battery cables of about a meter in length had corroded and would not take a full load to start the engine.  After many months of going through the problem I decided the cables and connectors needed replacing and bingo the power to the starter was 100%. The engine turned over at the correct speed and the engine fires up immediately.  The glow plugs work, the automatic choke opens and stays open and the cuff-off/stop solenoid stays open when the engine is running.  Who said all you need in a diesel engine is fuel, air and compression?

The floor hatches have been reconditioned and new working latches installed. Not that the hatch come out even during the knock down but I never got round to installing them so now is the time to finish the fiddly bits.
The deck hatch surrounds have been rejuvenated and look as good as new with more than a few coats of varnish.  They have to be installed after the headliners have been cleaned and reinstalled.
The major project is replacing the cockpit table. This has been a great wood working project.  The original is just a standard wooden table with two flaps that swing out to widen the table.  The wood was ply with solid surrounds.   Malua now has a beautiful myrtle table with two flaps and an extension for seat six people.  The wood I specially selected from the remaining wood stack I used to fit out the interior so it matched the interior, the companionway steps and surrounds as well as the granny seats in the aft of the cockpit.  I have given the table about eight coats of the best French marine varnish and it sparkles.  I cant wait to fit it and put the new canvas cover on to protect it.

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