12 November, 2014

Malua returns to Batemans Bay

I entred Sydney Harbour on 7 November after a interesting sail south along the NSW coast.  A severe thunderstorm off The Hawksbury reminded me how dangerous it can be close to shore.  The rain came down so hard I could not see the bow and the winds as always in these conditions came from the south then switched to the north.  As the wind and rain started I dropped all sails and started to motor off shore.  Thankfully it only lasted less than an hour but I had run before the wind to enter Pittwater.  I decided not to go in to The Basin but shelter behind the headland in America Bay.  A lovely quite anchorage.

I went round to The Basic to meet Sundancer ii when they arrived after a very wet ride south along the same NSW coast as I.  Good to see them again after last meeting in French Polynesia.
It was now time for me to enter Sydney Harbour; the start of this adventure sailing around (not round) the world. It was a slow sail into the southerly and I entered through the heads on the 7 November 2014 and back to the Fish Market.  I was welcomed by the family and the youngest crew member Theo who enjoyed a short sail on the harbour.
Iain came on board for the cruise south down the coast back to Batemans Bay.  We had to wait for the high tide before we crossed the river bar to enter the Clyde River and the marina.  I have been allocated a place in the rejuvenated marina.  I did not have to bribe anyone nor did I have to approach the Registrar of Cooperatives to investigate the managers.  What a refreshing change in the ten years I have been away.  I do hope the new owners have success and are able to break the strangle hold of the vested interest which have held the marina back for more than 20 years.
The Bay Post came to interview me which was an experience.  All they wanted to know was the dangers faced and the disasters.  Mine was not a great story but got printed anyway.
Malua is now undergoing a major refit and upgrade to all the little things I did not complete when I set off in September 2004 sailing south to Tasmania Hobart then on to New Zealand and the circumference of the Tasman Sea.
This blog will be updated as I achieve some mile stones with Malua.  But keep in touch either through my Facebook or Malua web site or Malua's Facebook.

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