14 April, 2014

Malua in Galapagos

Malua passed through the Panama canal in two days and anchored in the roadstead just out of Panama City to provision before leaving for a three day cruise in the Las Perlas islands.  This was a time to slow down and enjoy the environment with the new crew Toby.  Christine had reluctantly left Malua wanting to stay free before she got a new berth but non were  available to she stay free with people for a few days.  I was pleased to see her go.  Toby on the other had was a great asset on the boat and soon learnt how to stand watch and do the things on a complex boat.
Our passage to the Galapagos was a dream run.  We had three days of wind aft of the beam with the reacher up for two days and the big spinnaker for a whole day.  Malua loved the conditions.  On Toby's watch the wind dropped and went forward and we had to set different sails and a new course.  Luckily it was a close reach in 10 to 115 knots of wind so we settled down for an easy ride into the Galapagos.  We arrived just after sunset on the fifth day almost 12 hour ahead of Jack Tar.
The agent came aboard and took all the papers and $700 for a 21 day stay.  The most expensive checkin we have experienced.  It included an underwater inspection of the hull to see we where not carrying any foreign creatures.
After a days rest I booked on to a five day tour of three other islands.  It was the best way to see the islands and the animals and birds.  The group was good, the food great and the guide - the most important part very knowledgeable.
I am back on Malua ready for the next leg towards the Marqueses.  I do this alone, happy to have the boat back to myself.  It will be a 21 to 26 day passage.
A magical moment on Malua.

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