03 April, 2013

Boca Chico Dominican Republic

Malua is at 18:26.875N 69:37.343W at mooring in Boca Chico on 26/03/2013
Boca Chico what at contrast from the plush resort of Casa de Compo. This
place is a dump, poor with little to see as part of the Port of Andres.
It is easy to follow the markers into the port then move NE towards the
Marina Zarpar. You have to pass the Club Nautico and between the
island. Keep VERY close to the end of their jetty because the shore of
shallow water extends from the end of the island almost to their dock
but once past the shallow pick up a mooring ball off the dock of Marina
Zarpar. The fellow in charge of the dock Roul speaks good English and
is very helpful. He took me on his moped into the village to an ATM in a
chemist to try and draw cash from my Ozzie Viza and Mastercard but to no
avail. His assistant Sonnie took my dispatchio and when I wanted to
leave he got a new one for me for only $20. Good value and no direct
dealings with the authorities who I understand are not very cooperative
One can walk to the actual town of Boca Chico along the beach, only
during the day to see the locals and some second class US citizens
having a good time in the shallow water behind the reef. The food at
the restaurants is not good so dont waste your time. The banks also did
not give me any cash so I used up some of my US dollars in this dump. I
seemed to have walked a long way and only saw the back streets of a very
poor suburb with every house guarded by high fence and burglar bars.
People sit behind these looking out into the street on which mopeds and
old cars rush up and down. There are many small bars with people
drinking and playing chess or dominoes with a number of girls to serve.
I only spent two nights here because to get to Santo Domingo would have
been very difficult especially not wanting to change my dollars into the
local currency so I asked Sonny to get a dispatchio to leave at 8:00.
After a number of phone calls and off he goes on the scooter he returns
well after 9:00 but with the correct paperwork. I had indicated I would
be going to Salimas a big bay more than 65 nm away so it would be tight
if I was to get their in the light.
A magical moment on Malua

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