05 July, 2012

BIG Bird to Paris

I arrived at Sydney airport with a large bag and a heavy hand- luggage. Just how heavy my large bag was, became evident when I put it on the scale. 35Kg Now that is seriously over weight 5 kg. I know that Dubai would not handle bags over 32Kg so money could not buy my way through. The handbag was 12 Kg for a limit of 6Kg. I chose a quiet corner and proceeded to go through what was in the bag. I had previously decided what would have to go from the bag. The two cruising guides went into my flour bag - especially packed for the purpose, as reading matter. The zink anode for the propeller went into my hand luggage as did some antenna wire and GPS receiver and other things.
I then set about transferring the weight from my hand-luggage to my special coat with large pockets. The drives and external drives went into the pockets, the phones and radio went onto my belt. The computers Del laptop and ASUS eePC in my hand. I then fronted the on-line check-in desk - no waiting line and presented my pass. Within seconds I was done and through check-in. Return to quiet corner and put all the heavy stuff on my person into the hand luggage.
At the security I took out all the computers etc out and placed them in the boxes. As I walked through the scanner my bag set off the red light on the X-ray scanner. "Please come with me sir" "What are these metal items?" Well I am a master of a vessel and that is a copper pipe expander and that is a zink anode - its not iron. "Sir I will have to ask my supervisor" "Sorry sir you cant take that pipe expander but this zink I will have to ask the top supervisor."
After some quick smart words, the fellow said I could take it...... have a safe crossing of the Atlantic.
I then boarded the largest commercial airliner in the world. The airbus A3800-800. First and business class board through separate entrances on the top level. Being in the front I could see the captains cabin. The seats are wide, with good leg room. I think the food is more than OK. My flight was Sydney to Dubai a 17.5 hour not stop flight. I slept most of the way.
Arriving in Dubai there was a three hour delay then again aboard the plain with between 853 only economy and 540 people if they have first and business. Think of the number of bags to transfer on and off at the Dubai if all of their 35 A380 landed and took off at the same time.
Before I knew it the 6 hours had flown and I was in Paris France. No return ticket and only two heavy bags to get through the underground.

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