18 May, 2012

2012 To-Do List

Design of new wind generator installation

Cruising it is said is doing maintenance in exotic locations.  Having spent almost three years fitting Malua out in the yard when I went sailing in the Pacific I made a rule that I would only do work on the boat on Sunday – my day off.  That strategy worked well even when Malua reached the Mediterranean.  It is based on the premise that when I set out each year on a cruise Malua is in tip top condition with all the systems working.  However through time some items on the To-Do list just don't get ticked off or new items added.
With the pending Atlantic crossing I have decided to add a few extra items to Malua which were not necessary for coastal trips or I had removed after the Pacific cruise – the windvane self steering, wind generator  are examples.
Here is this years To-do list – in no particular order:

  • Create a stainless steel wind generator installation pole
  • Wire and install wind generator including regulator and power dump
  • Fit AIS Vesper system including loud alarm
  • Purchase Satellite Phone and hook up to computer system
  • Fix marks in keel
  • Anti-foul the bottom
  • Reinstall the wind self steering
  • Install second VHF antenna on top of mast as backup
  • Clean Generator water system and renew anti-freeze/boil
  • Re-install water maker membrane and test systems
  • Replace mast head light with LED
  • Replace broken steaming lights
  • Make grey water and bilge water collection tank and hook up pumps
  • Reinstall high volume engine driven bilge pump
  • Have life raft serviced and replace ERIRP with 406
  • Service electric winches
  • Grease windlass and rudder shaft bearing
  • Replace engine water impeller
  • Regaz/test deep freeze and test new control unit
  • Update C-map charts and clear last ten year tracks
  • Secure books in self
  • Fit extra safety catches to all cupboards and floor hatches

I think that will do for the time being.  It excludes the main items of putting the sails, halyards and lines on Malua and the general getting ready to go to sea but that has its own to-do list developed over the years.  It takes three days of work to accomplish those tasks.

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