23 May, 2011

To start the To Do list

At the start of every season the list of jobs on the To Do list is long if only it includes those jobs to get the boat seaworthy.  This year the list is quite short for seagoing job because we are not going to sea.  Simple, no running the halyards up the mast, no running the sheet and lines for the sails, and no bending on the sails to the mast and boom because the mast is coming down and is to be transported to Le Harve for collection when we reach that port at the end of our travels through the French canals.
One does not realise how long it takes to prepare a boat for sea if, like us, we pack Malua away for the winter here in Europe,  This year non of that is necessary however the To Do list is not any shorter because I have add a number of items that have failed to make it on previous lists.  Not that they have only now come up but I failed to want to add them.
Bearing about to slip on
The most serious is replacing the cutlass bearing in the propeller shaft.  Not an easy job but one that has to be done after several years under power.  After the cruise in the Pacific a good friend at the Bay made for me a set of pullers, pusher and the correct size collars.  I used then at River Quays in ‘06 to replace the bearing.  They worked a treat so when that item on the To Do list was addressed I knew it would be easy BUT is anything easy when salt water corrosion has had an effect.
Within minutes the shaft was disconnected from the Yanmar motor via the flexible coupling, the dripless gland was slid off the end of the shaft and the propeller had been pulled from the shaft.  All done before lunch without the use of a hammer.  Next came the puller for the actual cutlass bearing.  On went the parts and I started to turn the nut at the end of the long threaded bar which forced the bearing out of its housing.  As smooth as a skate over ice, it came out of the housing, next the opposite direction with the new bearing.  Again it went in without trouble.  Would the shaft fit in the new bearing? – a problem last time – with a liberal amount of lanoline the shaft slid back in the bearing and onto the end of the motor.  What is happening…… nothing going wrong, I’m not working on a boat.  The propeller went backing on the shaft, the flexible coupling connected and the dripless gland in place and I was available for a cold beer well before the sun was over the yard arm.  Now that was easy with the right tools!
Next item on the To Do list?
The final product. New bearing and paint

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