11 July, 2010

Lights Camera Action

So started the reception of the wedding we were attending in Corsica.  It had been planned to the last degree by an adoring father for his beautiful daughter who was getting married to a heart surgeon.  The wedding took place in the church where eight generations of the father's family had been married.  He chose the best restaurant on the coast close to Ajaccio fortunately owned by a family member then appointed his local Toulon caterers to do the food.  He had shipped in all the wine and champagne from France and stocked the restaurants cellar.
After the wedding we all got into cars and drove from Corte in the mountains down to the coast.  We had to get back on Malua and motor down the coast to anchor off the restaurant.  The sun was setting as we let the hook go not 100 meters off the beach.  We took the RIB ashore and put our long pants on before walking up the beach to the reception which was well under way.  People were standing around drinking and eating snacks of fois gras, Palma ham, cheese and other exotic things. 
We then adjourned inside to be seated at tables named after islands, ours - Maldives.  The place setting had a island setting with beautiful napkin rings, name places in the shape of ships and wine and glass of the best quality.
The menu was outstanding see link http://www.john-and-katia.gettingmarried.co.uk/Menu.htm
We started with quails breast on a bed of palm heart with saffron.  What a wonderful taste.  We were all guessing what the base was because it is so different.  Next came on huge white plates the best fillet steak I have ever tasted.  The kitchen prepared them in relays so each table got their serving at the same time.  Unfortunately for us the father of the bride was giving his speech while we were easting and his presentation was so good you had little time to enjoy the food.  Being in Corsica he had to speak French and then translate for us foreigners.  He was good and the works so touching.
The rest of the nigh seemed to fly past so fast that before we knew it the wedding cake was before everybody and was cut.  So different.
Dancing followed then singing and so it went until my feet hurt so much I just had to sit down.  The bus had arrived to ferry the guest to their hotels so we walked down the beach to the RIB and returned to Malua to listen to the music carry over the water as the part went on till down.
What a wonderful time.  If you wrote a film script you could not have got a better outcome.

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