30 October, 2009

Malua hauled for winter

For two years we have hauled Malua in Turkey. It was a great experience and the cost was very reasonable. This year we deceided to stay somewhere in the central Mediterranean so that we would not have to travel the long distance from Turkey to Italy next year. We finally deceided on Preveza because of its location and reasonable cost. The people appeared to be helpfull and the yard is not too full. many people have stayed at Cleopatra's Marina but since they built a swish new marina and do not let you work on your boat without permission I deceided to tru the yard next door - Preveza Marina.
We confirmed the haul date and set a time. What a change from Yot Marine where you may wait a whole day to be hauled. Well at exactly 8:00 Malua was in the slings and we were raised out of the water. No problems and no fuss, just a great group of people working together.
We then moved the travel lift down the lines to an open spot where they put Malua on a steel cradle and shored up the sides, bow and stern. It was then up to us to prepare Malua for the winter by removing all the outside gear, lines, hallyards and sails.

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