02 October, 2006

Hard Dodger

A Hard dodger is an extra which few yachts add after the event. In most cases they look like add-ons either because they lack design or are constructed from cheap and nasty material. Well a great looking integrated dodger is my challenge to add to Malua. While in the Pacific it rained and when I say rained it came down in bucketfuls. As a consequence the canvas dodger leaked and the water came down the companionway and into the saloon. In Europe it may not rain with such ferocity but it will rain for long periods of time and the canvas will be saturated.

I took measurements from my existing dodger and made a pattern. Then set about constructing the initial plug in wood. After a few design changes I set the final design. Then came the construction from timber I had in the yard. When I had almost finished I received a telephone call from Vince in Newcastle who is building an Adams 40 just like Malua who offered to do the fiberglassing. There seemed to be a win win for all so I said Ok I will take the plug to Newcastle and assist them construct the female mould then make the final product. I realised that transporting a 1.5 by 2.4 meter mould was not going to be easy. I had constructed it to stay in one place. I then had to add strengthening battens and many more pieces of timber to get it not to twist and fall apart.

The final product is now ready to ship which I will do on Thursday.

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